Meet Geraldine Murphy

Hello, I'm delighted you connected to my site, where I share my experience in Project, Program & Portfolio Management. In a career spanning four decades, I've worked for many organisations which include Fortune500 companies J&J, AXA, GE, Dell.
My background is in IT.  Six Sigma, Change Management, Lea
dership and Consultancy roles followed later in my career. 
Where am I happiest?  Inspiring and supporting project teams, stakeholders and sponsors. I k
now first hand that no two days are the same in project delivery, there are "unknown, unknown's" always on the  horizon to be resoloved, seeing them early is vital! 
'Having a mentor can be the difference between success and failure"

"Success is knowing that the project journey is as important as the final destination"


A bespoke mentoring program developed to your specific requirements.  

'Le chéile' (Together) 1:1 Mentoring is for everyone engaged directly or indirectly with project delivery. 

'Let our insights be a catalyst to your success'.

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Vivienne Kiernan, Client Relations Manager, ICBE. It was a pleasure to work with Geraldine on the collaborative Mid-West Response Group initiative. The objective of this unique project was to assist people whose livelihoods were affected by the pandemic. Geraldine had the role of project managing all major stakeholders in the Mid-West region to bring together a complimentary suite of training that was offered to impacted employees. Geraldine proved herself to be an exceptional project management practitioner that earned her recognition. Her cooperative spirit, conviction, intelligence, energy and incredible diplomacy make her an outstanding practitioner and a delight to work with.

Barry O'Sullivan, Board Member, IDA. Geraldine has a unique ability to immerse herself quickly in her brief. Leveraging her experience to build strong, trusting relationships and share insights to influence stakeholders for successful project outcomes.

John Lynch, Plant Leader, J&J Vision. I had the pleasure of working with Geraldine over the last number of years when she came on board to support our business in J&J Vision Care. We were able to capitalize on Geraldine’s broad experience and knowledge to build a robust Project Management process. It was so easy to work with Geraldine because of the professional and efficient way she approaches her work, her positive disposition and ability to get on with people to get the job done.